Robust Alignment and Projection Estimation for Tomographic Reconstruction  (RAPTOR) is a free available software to align raw stacks obtained from electron microscopes for tomographic purposes.  It is intended to automatically obtain a full-precision alignment comparable to the one obtained with extended manual intervention. Fiducial particles are needed in the image for the alignment. It uses a probabilistic framework to deal with very noisy images like in thick cryo EM datasets.  More information can be find in [1].  The main idea is to automate alignment, so users don’t have to spend too much time selecting gold particles.

The code has been compiled for linux machines for 32 or 64 bit machines.  It is completely written in C++ and it is self contained. All the needed libraries are included in the tar file. The tar file also includes a README file with instructions on how to use and compile RAPTOR from command line. 

· Raptor for Linux and Mac OS

Update: RAPTOR is now included as part of IMOD distribution, so it works for all platforms (including Windows) and can be called as a stand alone application from terminal command line or from within the eTomo user interface.

Raptor has been tested in many different datasets (cryo-EM, plastic, thick sections…) and different geometries and has given very good results. So far, the best results have been obtained in cryo. We continue working to improve results. Any feedback, question or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. It is the only way to improve things:) This software is intended for research purposes. Any commercial application that intends to use Raptor should contact the authors first. Please, if you use Raptor in your research cite the following paper:


[1] F. Amat, F. Moussavi, L. R. Comolli, G. Elidan, K. H. Downing, and M. Horowitz, “Markov random field based automatic image alignment for electron tomography,” Journal of Structural Biology, vol. 161, no. 3, pp. 260-275, Mar. 2008.
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